Cool iPhone Applications for Stylish, Creative and Savvy Mamas

iphoneI see you raising your artfully plucked eyebrow (or creatively unplucked ones if you will)… Well, this blog is not just about how to dress little boys in style, it’s also about raising boys and living my life day by day: sometimes in style, sometimes not so much. And this also includes creative quick dinner solutions, my thoughts and opinions on various subjects and yes, iPhone applications. I am not a gadget honcho or a tech wiz, but I happen to know a few Moms who would need a surgical intervention should some Evil Force decide to separate them from their precious iPhones. Besides being a body extension, the iPhones have become our life managers, our libraries, our photo albums, our dictionaries, our junk drawer… our ever-present butler but without the eye rolling or disapproving sniffing.

Naturally zillion iPhone applications springing to life daily add to this addiction.  I rounded up some really awesome (in my opinion) applications that would work nicely with some aspects of modern Mom’s complex personalities and multitasking.

Chic-onomic Mom is the one who mastered the secrets of looking like a million dollars on a shoestring budget. The following four applications are right on spot aiding in juggling family finances, organizing closets and shopping.

Friday Kaleidoscope February 19th, 2010

KaleidoscopeAnother grueling week is almost over and we are ready to relax by the fireplace gazing at the dancing flames and sipping chilled chardonnay, while the roasting something fills the air with mouthwatering aroma and Norah Jones purrs softly in the background. Sike! Sounds like Danielle Steele’s cheesy opus but why not? Really? We all could use some nice treatment, some love and a pop of color to spice up our life. So here you go!

The Battle of Holy Grail of Argyle Preppiness

Gymboree, Crazy 8 and Children’s Place Boys Spring Collections

argyle_patternsThe Spring Battle between the Giants is raging. Gymboree, Crazy 8, Children’s Place have crossed their blades in a merciless fight over the Holy Grail of Argyle Preppiness. The highest prize is at stake! The unchallenged sovereignty over the land of pieced and stitched diamonds and sweater vests! I have No idea what kind of collective hallucination visited these companies’ designers…but it was clearly sent by the argyle possessed hypnotist who devoted his entire life to spreading the Truth of Argyle around the world. Anyway, back to the Battle. 

Never Too Young To Rock! ...Rock for Less!

Crazy Cool Affordable Kids Tees

beatlessubblueOne of the sure ways to “coolify” your boy’s wardrobe is to spice it up with some rock star tees or onesies. Nothing brings the smile to the faces faster than the cute little tyke flaunting edgy tee with the tortured rock star on it. Smart entrepreneurs had realized that the parents nostalgia over their roaring youth and their musical preferences translate into big bucks if channeled into rocker tees for the little ones. Kids are never too young to rock!

So, the little sprouts blow bubbles in their funky Ozzy Osbourne onesies; hip preschoolers carry out cheerful Bob Marley message that “everything will be all right” intensified by their adorable faces and funky tees, while we, parents proudly accept well deserved compliments. So, whether you reflect your own rocking style or announce your undying love for your favorite band or a singer, or simply love the look of the tee – your little star and these tees belong together. Too bad, the cool once are quite expensive.

The Mini Social Warehouse Sale

Big Savings for Little Fashionistas


Warehouse Sale!

For those lucky chic-onomic parents who live in LA metro area (oh, I am green with jealoucy! Kind of matching the mini social logo colors right now), as if an opportunity to sip lattes in Coffee Bean patios year round wasn't enough, now you can also stock up on crazy cool children's brands at the ridiculous prices!

Don't miss these BIG savings for little fashionistas! Mark up your calendar and plan ahead.

When: Saturday, February 27th,  9am-2pm

Where: the mini social warehouse

120 E. Santa Anita Ave. Burbank, CA 91502

Friday Kaleidoscope February 26th, 2010

KaleidoscopeIt’s Friday again and weather shows no signs of improvement! Bone penetrating wind gusts, never ending snow… Gosh! Can’t wait to go back to my beloved LA, plop down on the plastic chair outside the Coffee Bean and do some serious chilling and relaxing of body and soul. Why do I bring up Coffee Bean all the time? Because I miss it, because Starbucks coffee can’t hold a candle to CB and they carry these apple shaped glass jars of surprise… apple juice! In the meantime, let’s keep looking at the bright side of life Laughing

ThredUP - Netflix for Children's Clothing

Swap Kids' Clothes Online


"thredUP is the place for America’s busy, green and
frugal parents to conveniently exchange kids’ clothes.
Think: Netflix for children’s clothing".

If you say FRUGAL, you’ve got me listening. I am always up to anything frugal, effective and efficient, especially when it comes to my kid’s clothes. So, how do you recycle, utilize and reuse gently worn kids clothes with the minimal effort, downtime and fees, besides giving them away?  thredUP Kids is to the rescue, claiming to do 95% of this tedious work for you saving you time and money. So, let see what you can do on thredUP?

Stripes are Nice: Don't Think Twice!

stripesStripes are really huge right now, which only proves that the real things are timeless. Wide or skinny, vertical or horizontal, reserved or punchy and colorful, laid back or conservative, stripes suit any personality, style or occasion. True champions of the versatility, stripes have always been an indispensable part of a male wardrobe: boys and men alike. Today, when we slowly rid the boys’ fashion of stereotypes and outdated rigid rules, stripes also get a cool makeover. Now you can easily mix stripes with other patterns, as long as the scales are different (one should be larger or more prominent, keep the other one small). Pair stripes with floral, with other allover prints and with STRIPES! Just make sure there is at least one color in common when combining.

Friday Kaleidoscope March 5th, 2010

KaleidoscopeHey there! It’s amazing how brightly shining sun changes an entire life perspective and turns a cautious grouch into a singing optimist. II will tear down the mountains and change the attitude towards the boys’ fashion. Speaking of changing the attitude, there is a little fashionista rebel out there who is doing exactly that with her tomboy chic style.

GAP and Monsoon Showdown: Who Styled It Better?

Globe Trotter Look for Boys

Pedro_ShirtI confess my undying love for this quirky and irresistible British brand. Monsoon’s t-shirts and sweaters tell stories through fantastic prints, appliqués and embroideries. You can literally study their shirts and t-shirts with maps and history books! The Monsoon’s boys clothes are the perfect mix of an old fashioned charm and modern twist sprinkled with the famous English irony. Their clothes might be positioned as moderately priced in the UK, but to us, budget fashionistas, they are definitely on a pricy side.

Pink or Blue? The Brief History of Gender Color Stereotyping

Blueboy_PinkBoyYou all know my firm position on a gender appropriate colors' BS. Why aren't boys allowed to come anywhere near pink or purple, or even red or orange in especially severe cases of colorgenderphobia? Why is the public so disturbed by the lack of pink ruffles and neutral colors of Shiloh Joile-Pitt's tomboy clothes? So, why is Blue for Boys and Pink for Girls?
Recently I came across this brilliant post of Rachel Perls, which was a delightful revelation. Rachel Perls is a an Architectural Color Consultant and shares her passion for color on her blog Hue.

Affordable British Coolness + $6 International Shipping = Asos Kids


image1sBritish kids’ brands are hands down cool: quirky, humorous, daring and conservative with a modern twist. Heavy on style with equally heavy price tags, they kept me drooling and inspired… Until I came across Asos Kids, kids line of, UK's largest independent online fashion and beauty retail monster.

Groovy tees, hip cardigans, colorful skinny jeans without heavy dose of argyle and mandatory baseballs and truck appliqués of the US boys fashion. And prices, prices! $6 oversees flat shipping less than some domestic brands’ shipping charges. and GAP, take a notice! This British invasion is welcome anytime!

Friday Kaleidoscope – March 19th, 2010

Shop Now! Stella McCartney Spring 2010 Collection for GapKids

KaleidoscopeFirst of all, Happy Birthday to me (well, it was yesterday)! Happy Birthday to all fellow Pisces, mysteries, romantic and impossibly creative creatures.   I’ve been on a short hiatus due to my move back to warm and crazy LA! Amidst the boxes, bags and scattered around toys and shoes, lack of internet connection and access to I’ve managed to celebrate my brave move with a cup of Coffee Bean mocha. To be honest, my move is insane. The taxes are out of control in CA! Everything, including diapers and OTC medication is taxed. Electronics and cell phones are taxed based on their actual costs regardless of contracts. For example, a $99 iPhone would cost you $50 more, because the sales tax is charged based on the actual price of this device without a contract ($499)!

Top this!- 77kids' Tops Sale and Little Dancer

BBC_Bird_LogoFirst of all I would like to introduce new LoobaLee widget created especially for BoysBeCool. This widget sorts and filters zillions of listings on and then only displays boys’ clothes and footwear listings on Boys Be Cool. So, you guys could see what’s cooking on this marketplace and grab a cool deal before it’s gone. Browse cool brands for sale at more than reasonable prices at this online marketplace for buying and selling children’s clothing.

Snoozeboree vs. FabGAP - Boys Summer Collections

Brief Review of Gymboree, Crazy 8 and Gap Boys Summer Collections

tb_mojave_ebbCongratulations on the updated website, though I wish you would have updated your style. The new collections are out but for some reason I am overwhelmed with déjà-vu. Why the same boring, unadventurous stuff over and over again? Brick-red, navy and swampy green color palette is so “inspiring”! …. Heavy snooze maybe.  “Creative” patchwork shorts look so fresh when they are being dragged from collection to collection for the zillionth season.