One of the reasons parents are reluctant to invest even relatively in kids’ clothes, especially boys’ clothes is the erroneous notion of the waste of money. Yeah, yeah… They grow up overnight and their clothes become hand-me-downs, benefitting next in line, right? Wrong! What if I told you that you are throwing away a substantial amount of money every time that pile of outgrown clothes leaves your house and added that almost EVERYTHING kids’ related sells!

Our resident Resell Queen Shannon, Top Rated E-Bay Seller will show you how to buy right and how to resell your kids’ outgrown clothes with a profit. She will share with you her invaluable knowledge accumulated by years of trial and error, help you get started, give you the inside tips and reveal trade tricks in this Guide How to Resell Kids’ Stuff on e-Bay and Make Money.


How it All Started

 We’ve all had our share of hosting garage sales, year after year: bring out the card tables, get the change, sticker the stuff, keep track of who sold what and deal with the people who would rather pay 50c instead of 75c. And this is not to mention the people that cruise garage sales strictly to see how much they can steal while you are busy with the person who only wants to pay 50c.

It became my unknown fortune 9 years ago when we moved into a subdivision that prohibits garage sales…. At first I was in shock but succumbed quickly to what my new neighbors viewed as “the unwanted visitors” clause and though reluctant at first I took my new neighbor’s suggestion of selling on eBay instead. After all, EBay is a garage sale, but this garage sale is open 24hrs a day, 7days a week, 365 days per year and nope, I do not have to see or deal with anyone interested in buying my stuff and I also do not have to open my garage up for strangers that could ultimately have bad intentions.

Yay_moneyI started off selling a few odd things, since I had previously been in the practice of giving away all of our kids’ unwanted and outgrown stuff. Then a friend that I had been “passing down” all of this great stuff too had a garage sale (they were allowed in her neighborhood) and yes, there were my son’s clothes, my daughter’s softball equipment, the shoes that I had never worn, nether had she.

It was what Oprah calls, “My Aha Moment”.  From then on I only gave away a limited amount of items to the friends/family that I knew for sure would seriously benefit from them and began listing the rest on eBay.

When our 4th child was born (10yrs after the last one) I started selling everything he outgrew immediately: including bibs, bottles, blankets, socks, shoes, toys. I do have a special tote that I keep for each child, in which I save a few toys and books from their childhood for their children/my grandchildren.

I used everything I made on eBay to cover the cost of his next size clothing, shoes, toys etc.  I subscribed to every “moms’ savings blog” I could find, never ever paid full retail price, did an extensive research on what brands sell well on eBay and began seeking them out, on major sale of course.  And, yes I do buy a season ahead, always! And if anyone should ever question this practice, just ask yourself: “Do I want to pay $10 for these shorts once summer has arrived or I’d rather pay $4 for them now?” Keep in mind that when you resell them on eBay you will most likely get $3-$4 for them after your child has worn and outgrown them!  aBay has an excellent tutorial on how to get started with selling, I highly recommend checking it out!

 Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Buy name brands including high-end designers whenever possible and ALWAYS on clearance - this is where great blogs like BBC come into play!  Brand names sell better because they generally are higher quality which means they will last longer, resist fading and uphold their value even after your kids have worn them!
  • Unless absolutely necessary - do not write your child’s name on their clothing, use fabric tape if labeling is required
  • Treat all of your kids items as if they have value - because they do! Watch care labels and treat stains immediately so they don’t set in.
  • Used kids shoes sell on eBay, yes they do!  Before you list, take a few minutes to clean them up - it lessens their “used” appearance and buyers will appreciate the effort.

 Insider Tips & Tricks for Selling Kids Stuff On eBay

  • Play Detective! Before buying anything, anywhere research the going prices and current sales by subscribing to money-saving blogs like BBC and do your research online using Google.  This is so simple yet so many do not take the time to do it. Type in Brand Name Item and then CLEARANCE + SALE...let the Google dog fetch you the cheapest price in one split second. Now, that you have found the store to buy it, Google the store name + coupon promo code. Generally a list will pull up with different coupon sites such as Retailmenot, containing valuable codes that you enter in a checkout - usually for free shipping and sometimes for an additional discount. WOW! You just bought that $90 coat for $38….and this is where it all begins.

  • Strategic Planning. You’re happy, your kid is happy - the coat is fabulously warm, stylish and the coolest one on the playground.  But kids grow no matter what and with spring approaching it’s pretty obvious that coat will not fit come the next winter. Time to sell it and everything else that you know will no longer fit. The key here is thinking ahead and having items ready to sell when that Season of selling is taking place (ex. Sell summer items starting in March all through June;  Fall/Back to School in July;  Winter selling starts towards the end of September & runs through February).

  • Overcoming Separation Anxiety: Designate one area of your house for eBay items and keep your items separated by Summer or Winter. Even if you live where all 4 seasons occur, it’s much easier to just keep it Hot or Cold. And, before you send them off to their pile destinations - WASH them paying close attention to treating any stains, repairing any loose buttons etc.  Remember; consider all your items as valuable - because they are!

  • Shoes, Toys & Sports Equipment - all sell on eBay, but take the time to CLEAN them up!  You will get much more for a pair of worn shoes that have little to no dirt on them. Make a conscious effort to keep toys’ sets together as much as possible (ex. SpongeBob Lego set).  Try very hard to collect ALL pieces that went with it. Sports stuff - sell balls with bats/gloves, etc. including as many accessories as you can!

  • Baby Love - every single thing you received at your baby shower or purchased on your own for your baby will re-sell on eBay (except for dirty diapers and used pacifiers). Again, keep things together and try to sell in pairs or in very small lots. If you are selling a diaper bag include a bib with a blanket or some used bottles. Just make sure you keep it simple and small.

  • Season Change - as your selling season approaches, take all your Hot (or Cold) items and spread them out on the floor, making 4 piles (bottoms, tops, outerwear and accessories). Begin matching items up into cute and convenient little outfits with accessories when available (matching socks, etc.) and sell per outfit only! Try to stay away from listing in bigger lots since you will not make as much per item. Offer combined shipping discounts to encourage buyers to buy more than 1 outfit.

  • Timing is Everything - time as many of your listings as possible to end after dinner or after most kids’ bedtimes: around 9-10pm is a good rule of thumb (watch time zones!) and end them on Thursday/Friday. It’s when most people will be getting their paychecks for that week - perfect time to spend them on your stuff!

  • Buy in Twos - when you come across a super killer deal on a normally expensive item, Buy 2! One for your kid and one to sell (ex. the $65 winter coat marked down to $14.99, that I recently came across, in January, no less when it’s still cold! I bought one for my son for next winter and one to sell on eBay now for $29.99. When it sells and it will, my son’s coat will be FREE plus Bonus! Once he outgrows it and I resell that one, it will be at 100% profit for me).
  • The Art of Subliminal Messages - tell your buyers what your item would be great for! If you sell play clothes (and yes they do sell, very well actually!) include in your description “Perfect for the Playground” or my personal favorite, “Great for every other weekend at Dad’s”. If you are selling dressier items - go with “Birthday Parties, Grandma’s & School Functions”. Same applies if you are selling a pair of plaid shorts/pants with one matching shirt - suggest other color shirts that would go with them (ex. “also looks super cute with a solid red polo”).

    To be Continued!
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