Our today’s inspiration comes from Eastern Europe, a hotbed of innovative designs, fresh perception and rebellious creative philosophy firmly entrenched in centuries of exquisite craftsmanship and the finest manufacturing traditions. Universally cool and deliciously unisex Polish brand Czesiociuch was born in Warsaw, regally splendid and legendary elegant capital of Poland, once dubbed as Paris of Eastern Europe.

Soft, cozy and incredibly comfortable, Czesiociuch pieces are unapologetically unisex and proudly different; a refreshing alternative to gender clichés of pink vs. blue approach to the kids’ fashion. Brands’ creators, Czeslaw Mozil and Dorota Zielinska adamantly defy stereotypes and refuse to be labeled and categorized themselves.

Czesiociuch_FW12_Brown_Orange_Geometric_Pants Czesiociuch_FW12_Blue_Patches

Czeslaw Mozil, graduate of prestigious Royal Danish Academy of Music is a very popular in Poland musician, composer and virtuoso accordionist whose work is hard to pin a label to.  His band Czeslaw Spiewa is wildly successful in Poland so is his solo performance - Czeslaw Spiewa Solo Act. His music, though branded universally as alternative, fuses elements of pop, rock and folk music with compelling poetry. Czeslaw sings in his native Polish, English and Danish and collaborates extensively across the lines, performing with rock and hip-hop artists. While judging aspiring artists on Polish edition of X Factor he met stylist and fashion designer Dorota Zielinska. They became fast friends and during one of their coffee breaks’ discussions (oh, these brainstorming-genius-ideas-producing coffee breaks!) the idea of Czesiociuch was born. Czesiociuch pronounced as Tche-see-o-chookh, means Little Czeslaw’s Clothes in Polish.

Czesiociuch_FW12_Yellow_Pants_Girl Czesiociuch_FW12_Yellow_Pants

Czeslaw who worked with children during his studies in Denmark had always dreamed of designing kids t-shirts but Dorota had a broad vision of an entire collection in her mind. From the first sketches to patterns, samples production and manufacturing in Łódź, the oldest Polish textile center with centuries of industry traditions, to marketing and retail, the new line was a whirlwind of immediate success.

Czesiociuch_FW12_Cobalt_Pants_Boy Czesiociuch_FW12_Cobalt_Pants_and_blue_Jacket

Czesiociuch success is firmly grounded in brand’s philosophy of seeing kids as fully fledged young humans with minds free of preconceptions, prejudices and judgments. Each piece is a gender-free canvas for their creative spirit and proclamation of individuality at the same, no labels attached. Infused by unique personality of their little owners, Czesiociuch chameleon clothes reflect roguish boy charms, fierce attitude of a tomboy chic or a playful feminine sophistication.

Czesiociuch_FW12_Gray_Pants_Girl Czesiociuch_FW12_Gray_Pants_and_Sweater

Designers’ confess their particular fondness for the saroel pants in bold brown and orange geometric print and whimsical combo of navy blue jacket and yellow sweatpants. We, however, have to proclaim our affection for basically every piece in brand’s debut collection. With all that fun come great quality and superb comfort designed to accommodate boundless energy of the little perpetuum mobiles.  Viscose and cotton blends of various thicknesses make sure clothes will withstand the abuse of playgrounds and multiple washes.

Czesiociuch_FW12_Houndtooth_Pattern_Girl Czesiociuch_FW12_Houndtooth_Pattern_Boy

Czesiociuch debut collection comes in sizes 1-6, but no worries! Big kids sizes (up to size 12) will be added in brand’s SS13 collection that as dynamic duo promised, will “make all the naughty kids happy”. Parents are already begging Czesiociuch designers to make clothes in their sizes and we cannot wait to see what Little Czesio is up too!

Czesiociuch_FW12_Checkered_Bike_Jacket_Girl Czesiociuch_FW12_Check_ered_Bike_Jacket_Boy

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