Impossibly cute bunnies, artfully decorated eggs, sun kissed pastels, polished outfits with the pop of color, and delicious candy… Do we have to wrap this sweet spirit in the tissue paper and store it away until the next year? Absolutely not! To keep this spring festivities’ spirit lingering beyond the season, we’ve assembled a sweet selection of the post- Easter delights that will keep delighting.

Marking the arrival of spring, Easter outfits traditionally pack a serious punch of spring hues: brilliant sky, fresh grass, petals, buds and dandelion rosettes. Marmalade and Mash audacious stripes in happy, spring-screaming colors will keep their wild appeal year around. Manuela de Juan’s elegant oxfords with the whimsical twist of perforation complete these playful yet polished looks.


Bunnies, this perennial symbol of cuteness with overwhelming Easter presence, have a year around staying power when done right: from ‘barely there” Ouef’s sensibilities to humorous rambunctiousness of the Monster Republic’s numbers (Rambo bunny anyone?), with compassionate message of Lion of Leisure and Bonnie Baby London’s luxurious bunny print collection in between.

Bunny_Grey Bunnyz_of_Anarchy_Monster_Republic
Bonnie_Baby_Bunnies Oeuf_Bunny_Tee

Bunnies pop up among charming monsters in WallCandy Arts’ French Bull Monster Mashup removable wall paper that will stir creative spirits all year long. Warning: intrusive parental involvement in decorative process might occur due to infectiously awesome nature of this process. Application is easy – simply peel and stick. No glue, no primer, no commitment.


Adding cheeky, unique accessories to this mischievous room will be a breeze with  Society6 – an art collective of hyper talented artists from all over the world. Dangerously addictive!


Ravished by creative process? Grab the Easter Bunny Bark for a thunderous snack. Whether or not you celebrate Easter, this super pretty dessert is a perfect spring treat! Charming Teresa of Blooming on Bainbridge shared an absolutely genius recipe that no doubt will be treasured in many families through generations. Yes, it’s that good. Gather all Easter candy lying around (malted eggs, crispy Easter bunnies, chocolate covered marshmallows, pastel Jordan almonds) and get ready for “over-the-moon FUN” of candy chopping.


To get more fun into cooking process, create spice habitat for the little animals living inside these Quali spice shakers. Dried basil for our bunny, curry powder for the camel and we’ll leave the polar bear and a deer to your imagination.


Spring, egg hunt in the garden, garden, gardening… an exciting experience encouraging kids’ natural exploring spirit, not to mention a sneaky way to make them eat those home-grown veggies. Little Bunny’s egg carton planter packed with everything little gardeners need to jump-start their veggie farm or a flower garden. More advanced young gardeners who might want to step up their veggie growing game will need to enlist a crafty parent to help them learn how to build a raised bed garden to ensure larger crops for these growing bunnies.

Kid-sized tools are essential in getting this gardening business right and we are digging this shovel & hoe set with adorable duck handles. Can we pretend those hard working duckies are the Easter chicks? ;)

Little_Bunny_Garden Duck_Garden_Tool_Set

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