Boys Week at Theminisocial and Father’s Day Gift Guide

The_Minisocial_Boys_SaleThe Father’s Day is fast approaching and in the midst of grill cleaning and fishing supplies organizing, our hearts fill with a new wave of love and appreciation (I hope so) for our stronger halves. Yes, we will keep the ‘better half’ definition for ourselves.

The Mini Social, one of our chic-onomic sources redeems itself for the weeks of girls only shopping discrimination by launching the delicious Boys Week on June 14th. Can you actually believe your eyes:  Boys Week?! Bravo,! You are our Hero!

Uncommon Gifts for Dads

Dadventure_1The retailers get busy with the Father’s Day frenzy and the eternal gift torture begins. What shall I get for…? The barbecue sets and ‘My Dad is the Best’ towel won’t make a cut. Seriously? How many barbecue sets, ties and beer glasses does one person need? Unless the beer glasses stock needs to be replenished. Uncommon Goods is my reliable, go to source when I need, well uncommon gift. To make gift selecting process less painful, they came up with this witty shopping scheme and tons of other cool options to choose from.


Cool Mom Picks 2010 Father's Day Gift Guide

Cool_Moms_picksIf Uncommon Goods selection leaves you cold you can always turn to Cool Mom Picks 2010 Father’s Day Gift Guide, which never disappoints because it comes from Cool Moms.

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