Burberry Evolution


Who doesn’t love a story of a victorious comeback? Burberry, one of my currently favorite brands, is a perfect example. Thanks to the fashion prodigy Christopher Bailey, chief creative officer for the $2.2-billion-in-sales luxury brand, the 154-year-old brand had been transformed into a technologically savvy international fashion powerhouse. Once little more than a licensing shell built around a sturdy trench coat and its stodgy check lining, it now sells everything from $3,000 duffel bags and silk T-shirts to cashmere hot-water-bottle covers and a recently released cosmetics line.

 Not long ago the ubiquitous check had been commandeered by the rough-and-tumble working-class youth, or “chavs,” worn head-to-toe by B-list celebrities and widely counterfeited. But since 2006 when the iconic pattern was removed from all but about 10 percent of the items produced, Burberry has reclaimed its identity and became a not just a brand but a lifestyle.

Burberry Evolution from “service outrigs” to the edgy modern luxury:

Burberry_military_coat Burberry_1920

1918: An advertisement for Burberry's Service Outrigs: "suitable for every war zone"

1921: A model in a Burberry ruched-waist suit with fur collar

hamfry_Bogart Odrey_Hupburn1

1940s: Humphrey Bogart in the Burberry trench - as much his signature as the company's

1961: Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in "Breakfast at Tiffany's"


1983: Prince Charles and Princess Diana, on vacation in Nova Scotia

B-list_celebrity 2005_Kate_Moss

2002: "EastEnders" actress Danniella Westbrook and matching tot

2005: The ad campaign featuring Kate Moss, shot by Mario Testino

Burberry_2010 Burberry_2010_2

2010: The Burberry Prorsum show at London Fashion Week

I was going to have this little brand history as an introduction, preceding the review of Burberry Boys Fall/Winter 2010 Collection, but persistent glitch on my site management software prevented me from  inserting a slide show. So, after 2- days battle of humans vs. machines, I capitulated and divided this post in two: Burberry’s evolution in images followed by the review of Burberry Boys Fall/Winter 2010 Collection.

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