BIT’Z KIDZ Launches LITTLE BIT’Z New-Born Baby and Gifts Line; Hot Giveaway

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TM_rocking2Comfy meets hip and cool – one of my favorites, Japanese kids’ clothes brand/boutique BIT’Z KIDZ adds newborn clothes and baby shower gifts line LITTLE BIT’Z to their impressive selection. The brand’s signature casual-luxury style, sprinkled with the whimsical details and unmistakable Japanese flair is showcased perfectly in the new baby line, which also offers perfect baby gifts. The line and was created to celebrate their new Tribeca NYC Store opening and is packed with newborn’s “Must Haves”, such as:

Beautiful kimono-wrap onesie sets ($15-$25), reversible apron sets (massive burp coverage for $9.10), cute onesie sets ($18.90), adorable baby beanies ($9), colorful comfy sweat shorts ($11.50) and famous Japanese Monkey Pants ($15), whose standout feature is a tush panel, which allows for greater flexibility and range of motion. The only thing missing is a smiley face on this panel to add personality to the rear view. I hope you are on it, BIT’Z KIDZ!

Kimono_Wrap_set Aprons Onesies
Beanie gwi12010032396822 Monkey_Pants

I am a hardcore fan of this line and I will tell why: My review is based on two pieces of clothes proudly owned by my 4.5 year old.

  1. The images on the BIT’Z KIDZ site do NOT do any justice to the real clothes. By NO means have they conveyed the brightness of colors and richness of black lettering shine of this University tee ($16.10).
  2. Fantastic fit combined with comfort and practicality, originating from the legendary Japanese obsession with improving everything.  The hip, unisex boot-cut jeans ($10) have a fake zipper and comfortable stretch waist band. The simple tees are elevated into a fashion statement with all signs of shabbiness eliminated due to the snuggly fit and carefully placed horizontal stitching. Paired together these tee and jeans create very hip rock star look with cool 70-s flair. The fabrics are soft and durable, colors are vibrant. The ideal mix of style and comfort, when neither is compromised.
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Layered_fake_onseieTo celebrate the new line BIT’Z KIDZ gives away this sleek fake layered onesie ($36 value), size 6-12 months. To be entered, write in Comments or on Boys Be Cool Facebook page what item shakes you ground and makes you absolutely salivate with the all-consuming desire to grab your wallet and start check-out clicking routineSmile

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