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Shoe_ringI am quite lucky in a shoe department to some extent. My son’s feet are very considerate, growing only one size a year. No crazy growth spurts, when you need a new pair of shoes almost every other month. Yes, he is 4 years old and he managed to squeeze into size 8 (toddler 8 naturally) until the last week. Then, practically overnight, I’ve been left (well, he's been left) with one pair of Converse Star sneakers and only because they are  giant!  Shoes hunt time!

First of all I combed the web for my favorite Superga sneakers. I had to return a superb orange pair, scored on for half the price, a little over $22.  European sizes run small. So size 24, which translates to US size 8, was too small. I’ve got the refund, don’t worryMoney mouth

Therefore, I was so reluctant to purchase Superga sneakers at the regular price. You can’t turn your thrifty heart around and spend double the money on something you've already gotten for a lot less. So, I just sat there sulking with the shopping cart full of sneakers and refused to click the BUY button.

Superga1Well, I was totally right! Always listen to your guts, for they don’t lie! Just like hips. You know ‘em, these brutally honest body parts.  Next day, Superga Sale popped up on and voi a la! My bambino is a proud owner of these funky Fantasy sneakers for the 'whopping' $24! Got size 26 just to be on the safe side. The sale is still going on.

I also got these awesome lime Adidas Country II K (Infant/Toddler) on and I want them in orange too. I have a weakness for orange color. Orange looks fabulous on my little stylista, but he is into green right now. This is his favorite color this season. Adidas_Country_II

I do prefer shopping on to its archrival I don’t get the royal treatment I am used to on Zappos, like the overnight free shipping and VIP customer service, on Unfortunately, Zappos didn’t have the right selection this time. What a shame! It takes forever to ship! 4 to 9 business days! Please! And the return policy had changed too! Now you only have 45 days to change your mind, when dealing with Piperlime. Zappos proudly remains the most customers adoring site in the universe!

When I shared my shoes quest adventures on  the Boy Be Cool Facebook page one of our budget stylistas Ryan DeGooer Becker suggested this fantastic chic-onomic resource for the shoe addicts:

Now I am addicted! Just take a look at these edgy kids’ sneakers by A&G Rock ‘n -Roll Couture. Especially, Bobby, Eddie and Freddie models.  At $14.95 - $17.95 they are unbelievable bargain! I wish they had them in size 9 or 10, but this is a nature of the bargain site. You get what you get and you are lucky if this is what you need. I am not done hunting though. I still need a pair of sandals, but this is another story.





Eddie Freddie Bobby


Since we are talking shoes here I will throw in some shoes news:
Lego Shoes To Hit Stores Spring 2011

Lego_ShoesLego footwear? One of my favorite blogs, Child Mode has reported that Hackensack, N.J.-based SG Footwear has just landed the licensing rights to produce a line of kids’ shoes inspired by the classic toy brand Lego! The collection of sneakers, rainboots and casual shoes will feature various Lego prints and graphics. Priced from $10 to $30, this new line is said to hit stores in Spring 2011.

This month, SG will roll out their new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line of sneakers, flip-flops, fashion casuals, winter boots and slippers for children and adults.


As a shoe lover you’ve got to check this amazing Shoes Blog dedicated to everything shoes. It’s like shoes 411 combined with the shoes news feed.

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