Heir to the Style Empire - Casual Chic Looks of Romeo Beckham For Less

Romeo Beckham's Look for Less

Romeo Beckham's Look for Less
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Blessed with the a very special gene of gorgeousness, passed down on both sides, Romeo Beckham is a rightful heir to the Style Empire ruled by the most stylish couple on both sides of the ocean.

Her Glamorous Majesty, Queen Victoria the Posh definitely has her skilled hand in cultivation of Romeo’s penchant for stylish accessories, like sleek fedoras, cool dandy neckties and bohemian scarves.

The ability to put together killer outfits, mixing casual and classic pieces is certainly inherited from Papa Beckham, the suave soccer star, whose smocking hot looks and unique style have become a legend well beyond the soccer world.

Romeo effortlessly pairs classic gray blazer, oxford white button-down and the conservative navy tie with the well-fitting jeans in a medium wash. Having taken this outfit down a notch, he adds a pinch of elegance with elegant black loafers and a dash of sleekness with the hip fedora.

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The season trends have not escaped the attention of this little dandy. He commands attention with the black leather jacket, gray wash jeans, hip fedora and artfully draped light scarf.

While his older brother Brooklyn rocks sweatsuits and the youngest member of the Beckham clan, Cruz is still enjoying the Lah-Lah Land of Halloween and Super hero costumes, Romeo’s emerging style star is already shining bright.

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