The Coolest Men's Style Resources and Street Fashion Blogs


While there are about a gazillion fantastic style & fashion blogs out there, remarkable,  men run and oriented style resources and blogs are still the rare pearls in the depth of the Cyber Sea. Let’s explore the raddest of the bunch to get an inspiration, ideas and help in revamping closets of our men, big and little alike*.

Street Etiquette—Run by two dapper twenty-somethings from the Bronx, Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs. This most photographed during the recent New York Fashion Week; stylish duo had taken the fashion industry by the storm. SE Trademark - fierce styling, bold colors and sockless-roll-up skinny pants look. You might disagree with their fashion and styling choice but you can’t deny their uniqueness, boldness and creativity.  Along with a fresh, urban perspective they lovingly revive dapper style of the last century, taking us on back- in-time style journeys through breathtaking archival photographs. Striking collages, featuring their accessories, close-ups of interesting details and fabric textures or the entire fall wardrobe, reported by fully prepared for a season friend provide an additional source for style inspiration.
SE_yellow_coat SE_yellow

Back Yard Bill follows stylish folks wearing their own clothes. The objects of this photo hunt, comfortable in their own habitats, mostly streets of NY, range from sleek old gents to young rough-and-tumble types. Note, rolled-up pants highlighting bright socks trend is gaining momentum.

BY_Bill1 BYbill5

What I Saw Today— Illustrator Richard Haines is documenting vibrant and ever changing fashion of NY men in 2D, sketching style delights that caught his trained eye.  Professional illustrator, who worked with the crème-de-la-crème of fashion industry - Calvin Klein, Bill Blass, Perry Ellis and Sean Combs, he combines his knowledge of fabric, shape and color with a child-like fascination with a world around him.


EveryGuyed is an adult, sophisticated version of BBC, kind of what baby BBC wants to be when it grows upJ. The elegantly designed style & shopping resource provides educational advice on men’s fashion, style, and grooming. You’ve got to love the titles such as: “How to Bring Black into Your Wardrobe”, “Balancing Fashion and Masculinity”, “The Basics of Men’s Underwear”, “How to Dress on Under $200” , “Dress the Part: Fight Club”. The last one is my personal favorite! Brad Pit, pre-Angelina period, is inhumanly hot! The dissecting of the movie character personality and respective style is followed by instructions how to recreate this style.


The Art of Manliness – was founded by husband and wife team, Brett and Kate McKay in the quest to find the confidence, focus, skills, and virtues that man of the past had embodied; and help men (you gonna love that!) be better husbands, better fathers, and better men. In brief words, finding out what it means to be an honorable, well-rounded man. Maybe Art of Manliness doesn’t have all the right answers but judging by their rapidly growing number of fans (more 75K e-mail subscribers and more than 45K Facebook Likes) there is a whole community of men who wish to discover the lost art of manliness too. Among my favorites are “A Guide to Dressing Sharp for Fathers”, “A Man’s Guide to Sweaters, “A Man’s Guide to Style Transition: 6 Steps to Start Dressing Like the Man You Know Yourself to Be”.


This blog roll wouldn’t be complete without cheering on the Fashion Dad, Eric Burgess, social geek, new dad, 80-s aficionado and BBC supporter. He shares my philosophy that clothes and style are important components of confidence. He is determined to help his son dress with more style and ambitions than his dad did when he was a kidCool. His hilarious style journey is documented in “Fashion is a Father-Son Activity (and Fashion Sense is NOT genetic, right?)” post for Zulily blog.


And to round BBC Great Men’s Style Blog Roll I would like to honor one of the most beloved American styles, treasured by many of you…

Ivy Classy is devoted entirely to the preppy style, carrying the prep torch with pride and dedication. I am confident you will find this enthusiastic ode to one of the US born and cultivated distinctive styles. It’s one of the key style elements of the fabulous duo behind Street Etiquette.


Grab your man, a nice cup or glass of your beverage of choice and have a virtual pleasure, perusing these blogs. You can even point out that they need to learn a thing or two from him when it comes to the Art of ManlinessWink

*Illustration by Richard Haines

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