Who’s Wearing the Pants? – Stylish Boys’ Bottoms Review

Simplicity6539a1 Boys_PAnts

Basically, mens/boys’ wardrobe is very simple. It consists of four basic compartments: tops, bottoms, underwear and outerwear. Let’s throw in a little accessories’ drawer for the complete picture. Besides being a vital part of the male wardrobe, bottoms/pants are the fundamental and indispensable component of masculinity and symbol of power and control. Remember the immortal expression? Who’s wearing the pants?

Heck, women around the world are still being arrested and flogged for wearing pants, as we speak! We are so lucky to have successfully usurped almost every detail of the men's wardrobe! “Shop your boyfriend’s closet” trend, hello!

Since our little men don’t have as many options to adorn themselves as their female peers, we, stylish parents have to make sure their pants carry as much of a style weight as possible!

BIT’Z KIDS brought back their Fall/Winter bestseller Star★Skinny Corduroy Pants embossed with stars! Perfect fit for your little rock star or the budding space explorer! The shades of these magical stars change from bright and shiny to muted under different lighting angles. Available in Beige, Khaki, and Black.  Their hip black and red skinny plaid pants are selling like hot cakes! It just proves that the market is FAR from being saturated when it comes to less conventional choices for the little boys! Petit Bateau white pants with contrast stitching are an epitome of Cote d'-Azur relaxed chic.

Corduroy_star_pants Plaid_pants Petit_Bateau_pants
Black Star Corduroy Pants $27.00

BIT’Z KIDS Plaid Skinny Pants $32

Petit Bateau Ecume Stitch Detail Pants (Toddler/Little Kids) $31.00 was $62.00

The modern spin put on these classic styles makes them incredibly versatile. The styling possibilities are endless. Dress them up, dress them down - these classy herringbone pants, relaxed corduroy trousers and embellished cargo pants are the true stars of the boys’ bottoms’ world.

77_herringbone 77corduroy Ollie_Pants_1

77 herringbone plaid pant $29.50

77 signature corduroy pant $29.50

Ollie Black Cargo Pants $25.28

These hip, comfy options provide stylish crawling experience for your tiny dandies.

Miniman_khaki_pant PB_gabardine_pants Bindi_pant

Miniman Khaki Pant (Infant) $17.55 was $48.00

Petit Bateau Cuffed Gabardine Pant (Infant) $32.40 was $54.00

Bindi Wear Rib Waist Pant (Infant) $14.30 was $44.00

Zara is always in the League of its own with the spectacular selection of the hippest and comfiest pants. Click here for the nearest store location.

Micro_Tweed_Zara Zara_elastized_waist_1 Corduroy_Zara

Zara Micro Tweed Trousers $32.90

Zara Trousers with Elasticized Waist $32.90

Zara Corduroy Trousers with Gathered Knees $32.90

Big boys have a firm opinion just about everything under this sun, including their clothes. Besides, the cool factor starts weighing in heavily. These pants can stand their grounds to the toughest peer pressure.

Kingsley_plaid Kingsley_solid Volcom_green1

Kingsley Johnny Rotten (Toddler/Little Kids/Big Kids) $29.50 was $66.00

Kingsley Johnny Solid (Toddler/Little Kids/Big Kids) $29.50 was $66.00

Volcom Kids 2x4 Twill Jean (Big Kids) $21.60 was $50.00

We are obsessed with the vintage inspired denim pants in the novel washes.

Crazy8_brown_jeans Grey_Rocker_Jeans Cargo_Brown_Jeans_PB

Crazy 8 Brown Rocker Jean $11.99

Crazy 8 Grey Rocker Jean $11.99

Petit Bateau Cargo Jeans (Toddler/Little Kids) $40.80 was $68.00

Now, please take a long, intense look at these knit, sweatpants inspired pants. These are going to be HUGE! Sweatpants of all conceivable styles and lengths ruled the boys SS11 runways. Stay tuned for the trends report.

Waffle_knit_pants1 Saruel_Trousers

GAP Waffle knit pants $14.50

Zara Sarouel Style Plush Trousers $19.90

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