Zara Kids - Affordable European Chic with the Hip Edge


Not many of you are familiar with Zara’s Kids line, which is a terrible negligence on my behalf. As a fashion obsessed style crusader I should have given this amazingly stylish boys’ clothes more spotlight on Boys Be Cool pages. Despite of the slugging sales experienced by retail worldwide, Zara has been riding an unstoppable wave of worldwide expansion: hundreds of new stores popping up across the globe and the long-waited online invasion scheduled for September. What the secret of this fantastic success? The answer is in these images. Let them speak for themselves.  Zara dedicated post will be a visual treat for you, my dear fashionistas. Let’s indulge our style buds.

Zara Kids offers babies, toddlers and big kids collection. Samples of these drool inducing clothes you can see below. The multiple OMG! OMG! OMG! gasps guaranteed.

I am sure you’ve noticed the subtle and soft color palette that allows experimenting with the edgy styles, like boys’ harem pants (more gasps!). Soft grays, ink blue, whispery whites and royal purple play off the hip factor creating very refined, chic looks. The pink jeans decisively cool and not the least bit feminine are very refreshing and daring! If you don’t want to be on the fashion forefront though, this military green shirt with the military style decoration is absolutely fantastic!

Big Boys Collection

Zara_Look1 Zara_Look_2 Zara_Look4
Zara_Look3 Zara_Look_5 Zara_Look6

Baby Boys Collection

Zara_Baby2 Zara_BAby_1 Zara_BAby3
Zara_Baby4 Zara_Baby_5 Zara_Baby6

The only problem we have to face with Zara Kids right now is the availability and it will be solved in September when Zara goes online. Amen!

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