Spain doesn’t usually gets mad props as Italy, when international shoe making accolades are concerned, and very undeservedly so, because Spain is a major footwear player with centuries old traditions of industry excellence. Alicante region boosts the highest concentration of exquisite shoe production with the fast beating heart of children’s footwear located in Villena. In this cradle of elite quality and extreme fabulocity, design wiz Antonio López-Roca de Juan had established his formidable empire of Tritex Corporation – home to Manuela de Juan and MAÁ in 2001. 

Born in Valencia and educated in Paris and Barcelona, Antonio had taken the world of kids’ fashion by the storm churning out exclusive, breath taking infant collections. Obsessed with tradition and innovation, he assembled a dream team of exceptionally skilled craftsmen who translate his unique vision into a striking mix of the most refined elegance and the most contemporary trends. Through the painstaking discerning process of selecting the best materials, sifting through the latest trends, perfecting styles characteristics of each model with the highest regard for comfort and needs of the growing feet and the most severe quality control, MAÁ shoes are born.


Your love affair with MAÁ’s shoes will grow into full-blown obsession when Spring/Summer 2013, the West Coast inspired Collection hits you with the mix of Cali free spirit and laid back chic; and a riot of colors, typical for California yet drenched in the essence of Spain. Passionate red, yellow craze of Cali/Spanish sun, juiciness of blood orange and corals drawn from famous Cali/Spanish oranges and tulips, blue and sea green of the ocean/gentle Mediterranean waves, all shades of brown – from caramel to deep chocolate, artfully distressed or gleaming softly are reminiscent of dreamy countryside hills. Spanish heritage is such an integral part of California that this interactive inspiration produced unparalleled, breathtaking styles.  

 El Dorado line puts a summery playful twist on brand’s signature hi-tops and sneakers embellished with a huge star.


Fairfax and Rocklin styles offer another stylish alternative to sporty hipsters.


Color burst amplified with innovative laser perforation will have you scream for Rio Lindo and West Hollywood styles.


Biker boots with edgy pyramid studs and artfully distressed leather for brooding city cowboys – Rocklin Harley of course! Round gleaming studs and ombre leather take combat boots to a whole different level of a traffic stopping coolness.


Hip dandies roaming streets of Milano and Paris, move over! Distressed ombre leather wingtips with double color shoelaces – beat that!


Reptile chic! What’s more fitting than a snakeskin print to embody Sunset and Rodeo spirit?


Stunning MAÁ kicks are found in the most exclusive boutiques around the world and hopefully they would soon hit the US market. In the meantime we are holding our collective breath, waiting for MAÁ invasion.  Be Wild –Be MAÁ!

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