We continue our Japanese series with deliciously mischievous, whimsical designs of MoL, whose creators see the world through a prism of play, a magical kaleidoscope of fun and surprise; elements hidden in timeless wooden toys and puzzles. MoL is an acronym of “Made of Larks” and brand is very consistent in delivering good-humored little pranks and elements of adventure and fairy tale in every piece. Wizardly capes, paw shaped furry pockets, clawed coat collars, diagonal inserts of surprising colors and patterns are the essence of MoL.




We have noted brand’s fierce affection for polka dots, which we wholeheartedly support. We’ve been pushing dots, spots and polka dots (mostly unsuccessfully) and bright yellow (a lot more successfully) for quite a timeJ and are super excited to see how effortlessly MoL incorporates polka dots of all sizes and colors into their unisex designs. There is not nearly enough boys’ friendly polka dotted goodness out there, so we are very pro-polka dots here. Bring on those dots, MoL!

Mol_Polka_Dotted_Leggings Mol_Polka_Dotted_Pants


An item you will see a lot in MoL’s collections and in Japanese boys’ wardrobe in general – are the leggings and tights worn with shorts. Layering is fundamental for Japanese children’s fashion as well as a carefree mix of seemingly clashing patterns; and leggings/tights and vests are essential elements of layers’ architecture that offer an extra space to introduce more colors, graphics and patterns into styling. Naturally, MoL would not miss such fantastic opportunity to pepper this extra canvas with bevy of patches, stars, shapes and surprise…polka dots!

Mol_Orange_Pattern_Parka Mol_Puffy_Vest

Playing with length, proportions and shapes is also a signature of MoL; “Alice in the Wonderland” style exaggeration of a particular element. Massive folds of Aladdin pants and jagged hemlines are a perfect example. We are not sure these curtain like pants would fly high in the US, but so called “Japanese DJ” pants also raised multiple eyebrows a few seasons ago before becoming a  staple in the fashion forward boys’ wardrobes.

Mol_Kimono_Panda Mol_Baby
Mol_Coat Mol_Duffel_Coat

Childlike, playful spirit of MoL’s style escapades makes it obvious: brand’s designers are the big kids at heart, playing and having tons of fun designing these mischievous clothes just like the little ones, playing and having a blast wearing them.  Stay tuned for more fantastic brands we will be featuring in these series in cooperation with Hiroshi Yanagihara, Editor-in-Chief of widely popular online children’s fashion magazine CocoMag.

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