Adding a little spark to boys’ clothes doesn’t sound like a blasphemy anymore. The boldest and the bravest go for the gold metallic pants and leather jackets, advanced sartorialists venture into precious metals in the footwear territory and metallic foil graphics. The UK based Dolls & Dirt, fascinated with  the glitz  and riot of rock n’ roll produced highly addictive t-shirts: dripping in the golden glory of military band insignia, adorned with whimsical graphic prints and sprinkled with rhinestones and brass buttons. If your style loyalties lay on the minimalist end of the range, give in to sassy Fableists’ calls “to play hard and live forever”.

Dolls__Dirt_Jimmy_Hendrix_Tee Dolls__Dirt_Sgt_Pepper_Tee_Lifestyle

Imagine growing up in the studio of children’s illustrator who happened to be your father, surrounded by magical hand drawn illustrations and having a free pass to grab, touch and mess with anything in sight? Add an access to the mother’s sewing machine and you tell us if this child had any chance not to end up at the London College of Fashion? Years toiling on the high street designing for others followed, until an eclectic collection of audacious tees kicked the door to creative freedom wide open.


This is how Dolls & Dirt, small independent company was born to Katy and her trusted partner in crime Steven Bridgewater. “Doll face” is courtesy of the couple’s daughters whose delicate beauty comes in package with rambunctious rough and tumble cousins, always ready to get down and dirty. Honestly, the last thing we would want our boys to do is to dive into some nasty puddle while wearing one of those jaw dropping tees but one must agree, the name is rather alluring and intriguing.

Dolls__Dirt_Jimmy_Hendrix_Tee_product_shot Dolls__Dirt_Sgt_Pepper_Tee

Round flat nailheads in brushed silver and brass pose as buttons incorporated in rich foil graphics on Jimmie Hendrix and Sgt. Pepper’s tees. Rhinestone star medals might be a dagger in the hearts of sparkle-phobic parents of boys, so “Dirt.Boy” embroidered in black on the tee’s shoulder certifies its masculinity. Nice touch, Dolls & Dirt! And don’t forget the handy mustache on the tee’s sleeve!

The tie printed tee gets a new lease on life thanks to the rhinestone element unexpected and fresh in this otherwise tired context. This tee would look equally spectacular in the girls’ glamorous tomboy outfit. Fiercely independent and original Shiloh Jolie-Pitt comes to mind. Same applies to the black and white, suit clad tiger accessorized with the sparkly tie.  Dare to be different?

Dolls__Dirt_Boy_Wearing_a_Tie_Tee Dolls__Dirt_Boy_Wearing_a_Tiger_Tee

If slightly sparkly business is not your thing, you might want to take a look at a group of people dedicated to “making the coolest clothing for little punks”. Turning the youngsters into the hippest kids on the block is what the Fableists (fay-buh-list) do, while being proudly sustainable all the way.

a_flag_t what_you_wear_t
brain when_i_grow_up

Fable - a short story with a moral + Activist - Someone with a rebellious spirit who makes positive change happen = Fableists – rebellious brainiacs that don’t want to be like us when they grow up. They want to make art, not war; they make factory chimneys steam with colorful bubbles; they insist that t-shirt is a flag and “you are what you wear”. Become a Fableist. Join the revolution!

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