Looking For An Example Of A Research Paper With An Introduction, Body, And Conclusion

A research paper is an academic project that has numerous rules of composing, including general guidelines on the writing style, content, structure, format, data presentation, as well as more specific ones required by the educational institution. The structure is one of the most important points to pay attention to so many students strive to find a paper example that shows it clearly.

The Best Places to Look for a Research Paper Example

  • Local library.
  • A lot of scientific works are written in the form of research papers, so it won’t be difficult to find some of them and use them as a sample. The fact that they are included in the library’s database proves their reliability. Try to find an academic work on a topic similar to your own, if it’s possible.

  • Your mates.
  • If some of your student friends have performed this kind of assignment before, you can ask them to show their work to you as an example. In this situation, it’s better when your subjects are quite different, as this excludes the possibility of stealing any ideas. After all, you’re only looking for a structure sample, not for a source of ideas.

  • Academic papers uploaded online.
  • Some scholars and students upload their works online, so they can be easily found with the help of a proper query in your search engine.

  • Websites of professional helpers.
  • These resources often browse free examples, but as this kind of project is a rather long form of an academic paper, you can find only parts of it available.

4 Main Ways to Get a Full Research Paper Sample

  • Find a complete example offline.
  • In addition to the options mentioned above, you can try to ask your professor for some help. He or she can agree to provide you with a credible sample.

  • Find a complete example online.
  • Employ different online scientific databases with books, articles and other academic papers or ask for help on the relevant forums.

  • Find the main paper parts separately.
  • If you failed to find a complete example that includes an introduction, body, and conclusion, find the three aforementioned parts’ samples separately. Thus, you will have a clue regarding each important part of your paper and should only have to consider how to connect them logically.

  • Benefit from tutorials and guidelines.
  • In addition to using samples, don’t turn your attention away from manuals and guidelines completely. They may be presented in very effective ways like mind maps, diagrams or video tutorials and stress some important points that are not obvious from the examples.

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