Good Advice On How To Write A Research Paper Literature Review

When the student needs to write a research paper literature review as the thesis at the end of the term or as a dissertation as part of the homework, here are some tips and advice that will help:

  1. The student first needs to know that the literature review essay not only consists of gathering information and documenting it but evaluating this information and presenting it in the correct form.

  2. This literature review could be given as an essay, in two ways. It could be a precursor to the introduction of the thesis done or else it could be the entire dissertation itself. It is usually given to ascertain whether the student has correctly understood the topic and the homework.

  3. The literature review essay is an in-depth study of some area or paper which has been done.

  4. The literature review is not to be treated like it is a catalogue of the sources but it is to be treated like an evaluation done where the previous studies are all integrated together. It should also explain how the integration was done, the arguments, the areas which are agreed upon and disagreed upon and why.

  5. A good literature review should not impress that a particular research program is important. In fact, it should allow the reader to judge and form his or her own opinions on the basis of the essay.

  6. The information should be taken from credible sources like academic journals. If it is picked off other places, due diligence needs to be done to see that the sources are accurate and authentic.

  7. One should not reject research as if has a contrasting viewpoint as to what you are putting forward. In fact, that could be a good source for handling objections. Similarly, you should refer to the research that agrees with your viewpoint.

Therefore, a good freelance literature review needs a lot of homework that goes into it. The student should not therefore procrastinate and keep it for the end of the term when the submission is due, before he or she is given the final grade. The best of people who have not done enough homework have failed in putting forward a good review, regardless of how eloquent their language has been. A literature review is not a problem but should be considered almost as if it is an element of a scientific process.

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