10 Hints On How To Make A Research Paper Presentation

Your freelance research essay or dissertation may be the best but you need to present the freelance essay or thesis well, as packaging is as important in today’s world as the actual material itself. Thus proper homework needs to be done. Here are 10 hints on how to make a research paper presentation:

  1. Good presentations include visuals and when you are using powerpoint, you should ensure the font is atleast 24 points. You should also use bullets points rather than using full sentences and paragraphs

  2. Use as little text as possible and use images to fill the slide instead. Do not have too many slides.

  3. A research presentation should have an introduction or an overview or a hook to reel in the attention of the viewer. There should be a theoretical framework and research question. The next is a case selection or methodology, the literature review or background, discussion of the data and the results seen, the analysis and finally the conclusion.

  4. In the presentation you should not only present what is known. You should keep the background information as well as existing literature to the minimum. The major chunk of your presentation should be the data and case studies.

  5. Your presentation should make the audience want to read your paper and give you feedback on your work.

  6. In order to make a good presentation you should motivate it by easy examples and stating the results early and that too put in simple terms.

  7. Your homework should include examples to illustrate the intuition, show your solution and highlight shortcomings too.

  8. When giving a the presentation, you should have a running outline of the steps and provide visual clues indicating where you are

  9. You should be not only familiar with related work but acknowledge co-authors and references at the end

  10. Technical details and terms which show specific aspects should be there – the rest can be kept as backup slides which can be used incase questions are asked

The skeleton of your dissertation should be what the problem is, the goal and the motivation, the state of the art, your contribution and your key idea, why your approach is good and what are going to be the next steps.

Do not read from the slide and the best method is to practice repeatedly before delivering the thesis presentation. This helps you with the flow. It also helps you to keep to your time limit.

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