Easy Tutorial On How To Format An APA Style Research Paper Methods Section

If you want to find out how to format an APA style research paper especially the methods section. Formatting of the method section is something that you can easily do and does not require a lot of skills, or you do not even require to pour over books or research on various sites to accomplish the same. I recommend this site for assistance.

This is an easy tutorial to accomplish formatting of the methods section of an APA style research paper. The Method is labeled as well as needs to be centered horizontally on the line as well as needs to be in boldface.

This method section is the most straightforward when it comes to writing, but there is a great deal of precision that is needed. The goal of the method section is to describe the details of what was undertaken in such a manner, with such clarity, which any other researcher just by following the method, will be able to duplicate it. This method section consists of the participants, all the materials which were required as well as the apparatus and the procedure followed sections.

When there are complicated designs such as, multiple IVs which are used in a factorial experiment, then a separate design subsection could be created or else it could be clubbed and termed as the “Design and Procedure” section.

In some studies, for example, if there are studies regarding questionnaires, there are various and multiple measures which need to be described. However, the procedure in those cases is brief. In cases like those, the procedure section should be mentioned before the materials section.

All the subsections such as Participants, materials, apparatus and procedure should be labeled and should be boldface and left aligned.

Participants should contain how many were there, their gender, race, mean age or any other information that is relevant.

Materials should contain in addition to the measures and the apparatus, the information about the measures of scale if used as well as how reliable or valid it is.

The procedure should describe the signing of the consent or information, the way the procedures were conducted, questionnaires, what was the compensation given to the participants in exchange for their time, the debriefing that was carried out and other such details.

These tips should help you format your APA style research paper.

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