25 Good Research Paper Topics For College History Students

Usually, it is easier to formulate topics in history research paper. Despite this, some students might still feel overwhelmed by this exercise. This should not be the case. If you are still finding challenges in formulating pertinent and top notch topics, you have no choice but to focus on this content with ultimate keenness.

How to prepare for effective topic formulation

One of the key reasons why you might still be lagging behind while others are much far ahead when it comes to topic composition could be because you have not prepared efficiently. Good preparation entails reading broadly so that you equip yourself with pertinent information which you can refer to. Each of the information read must be noted down because human mind is prone to forgetfulness. Moreover, you need to draw a working plan on how you will come up with the topic.

Below are the 25 most important topics for college history students. Keenly study each and you can employ in your next writing:

  1. How the American Revolution has influenced the world’s economy
  2. The events that led to the assassination of American president, Abraham Lincoln
  3. The factors that contributed to the emergence of the world war I
  4. The death of the great Roman Empire
  5. Factors that led to European colonization of African countries and the impact of colonialism
  6. The effects of the Mobile bay battle
  7. The achievements made in the life of man since 18th century
  8. The history of the black Americans and the Red Indians in the United States
  9. The events that led to the rise of the Christmas festival
  10. Who started Halloween and how significant it is in today’s life
  11. The various achievements made by the US presidents since its independence
  12. How the world II ended and the countries that were most affected
  13. The benefits of the world war I and world war II
  14. The history of Kenyan politics and how they have evolved
  15. How the European colonialists were defeated in African war against independence
  16. The history of Philip Sheridan
  17. The great events in the history of the United States
  18. The history of the Illuminati in America
  19. How the Guerilla warfare was advanced
  20. The influence of Western culture on the African culture during 18th century
  21. How the Taliban rose up
  22. The rise and the fall of the Aryans
  23. How the Christianity religion emerged
  24. The history of the Mahatma Gandhi
  25. The position of women in the past history
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