A Hand Picked List Of Fresh Research Paper Topics Related To Life Science

If you want to write a good research paper on the various branches of Life Science, you first have to figure out which branch you want to focus on. However, if you still cannot decide which topic to choose, here are some suggestions that we can give you as follows:

This would be divided into at least four branches of Life Science that would be useful to your project in the long run.


Here, you will be able to explore animal life further. Below are some of the samples.

  • The Basic Differences Between the Ecosystems Around the World
  • Are There Any Differences Between The Polar Bears of the North and South Poles?
  • A Comparative Study Between Freshwater Fishes and Seawater Animals
  • The Animal Diet: Specific Components of Carnivorous Anatomy
  • The Similarities and Differences Between Reptilian and Mammalian Psychology: The Inner Workings of the Animal Mind


This particular subject refers to the study and exploration of plant life.

  • The Health Benefits of Plant Life for Both Humans and Animals
  • Breaking Down the Process of Photosynthesis: An In-Depth Analysis
  • The Benefits of Chlorophyll and Other Pigmentation to Plants


In this particular branch, we will focus on exploring the human body. You should choose a topic that will encapsulate the various stages of biological in scientific study. Here are some examples that may help you achieve your goal.

  • The Main Differences Between Biology and Physiology as Scientific Disciplines
  • The Similarities and Differences Between Amphibious, Feline, and Human Cadavers Based on Experimental Autopsies
  • How Do the Changes in Environment Affect Human and Animal Life as a Whole?

Psychology and Physiology

This will focus on the human body and mind.

  • Is There a Correlation Between the Contours of a Human Brain and Intelligence?
  • The True Effects of the External Environment on Personality Development
  • A Comparative Study of the Male and Female Homosexual Brain: Are There Similarities or Differences?

Additional Information

With these various selections, you will be able to gauge how the levels of research difficulty differ when it comes to content in the different fields. Hopefully, you will be able to get as many resource persons as possible to help you understand the individual fields that you will have to investigate.

Final Statement

Lastly, make it a point to choose topics that will perk the interest of your audience. Be as detailed as possible when it comes to describing the various physical data that you will collect for the research. That way, you will be able to hold their attention because of the various discoveries that you will provide through your study.

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