Composing An Excellent Research Paper On Logo Design Quickly

Logo designing falls under the purview of graphic designing. In order to design a logo properly, the person must not only be able to draw really well, but also be well-versed with the behaviour of the market for which he or she is designing the logo. Hence, for such a nuanced topic, it is not an improbable task to write a research paper on it. However, for such an unorthodox topic, the content should be excellent so as to give it the required edge over its competitors.

  • Psychological effect of a logo
  • The artist must have a good idea about how the design of a logo can render psychological effects on the customers and, hence, affect the brand’s credibility. The colour, shape, font, general design are all factors that come into play while formulating a good logo. The artist must be well-versed in organisational psychology and its basics to predict what a certain logo will be perceived as by the target range of customers. This is the more artistic portion of logo designing and involves a certain degree of creative prowess.

  • Technical procedures of graphic designing
  • The actual formation of the logo, after the initial sketch has been crafted, is a rather technical procedure, involving animation, graphics, computer knowledge and a good hold on technical matters. This is, essentially, the work of the graphic engineer, who simply converts the logo from a decided sketch to a virtual design. This is the more technical portion of the process of web designing. This is a good topic to cover in one’s thesis paper.

  • Possible options of good topics
  • A research paper must be drafted on a good topic if it wants to stand a chance in the long run. A few of these topics include the likes of:

    • Simple logos are more successful than elaborate ones: Explain with the help of illustrious examples.
    • A study on iconic logos that were instrumental in increasing the market value of a brand.
    • Evolution of the brand logo: Inception, initial stages, reasons behind its metamorphosis, current status.
    • Impact of abrupt logo changes in a company’s sales.

  • Good, clean presentation
  • The presentation of the dissertation must be done in a very tidy and meticulous manner, so as to portray the student’s level of professionalism. This means that the formatting style must be the one prescribed by the ones who will be ultimately reviewing the paper. Apart from this, the font style and overall layout must be simple yet classy.

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