Getting A Sample Of An APA Research Paper With In Text Citations

Once you have finished conducting the research for your thesis comes an extremely important task of presenting and writing it in an acceptable format. Formatting the paper correctly can be a challenge for you if it happens to be your first research paper. APA (American Psychological Association) format is the most widely used style for writing research papers in the social sciences field. One important point to be kept in mind while writing your paper is in text citation to avoid accusations of plagiarism.

  • Quotations
  • When quoting from a work directly, it is imperative to mention the author, year of publication and the page number from which the quote has been taken. You can either include all of the above in parentheses after the quotation or the author’s name in running text at the beginning of the quote with the year and date in parentheses at the end. In case the quotation exceeds 40 words in length it is better to write the entire quote at a ½ an inch indentation from the margin.

  • Summarizing
  • In case you are presenting a work by someone else in your own words i.e. not quoting directly, it is not necessary to cite the page number but it is better if you do so.

  • Web Pages
  • Citing information from web pages also requires you to clearly indicate the author’s name and year of publication. The same two options for citing quotations can be used here as well.

  • Multiple Authors
  • There are specific guidelines for citing works done by more than one author. In case of two authors use “&” when citing their names in the parentheses. In case of more than two authors, separate the names with help of commas and again make use of “&” before typing the name of the last author.

  • Missing Information
  • Sometimes all the information is not available. In case, you don’t have the author’s name you can substitute it with the title of the work that may be a book or an article. If the date is not available then you are required mention “n.d.” in its position.

As you can see giving in text citations is a complicated task. It is unlikely that you will not have the need to use in text citations as most researches are carried around research work previously conducted which form an important source of information for the paper.

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