International Women's Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. In some places like China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria, International Women's Day is a national holiday. To celebrate 100 years of women’s achievements in style, we asked our favorite stylista, Jenny Moyett of Babbling of a Mommy to wave her magic style wand and create her signature effortlessly stylish, extremely budget- friendly Mommy outfits for every occasion. Running errands, meeting your son’s teachers, going out with the significant other, Jenny got you covered!

Hey everyone!! I’m Jenny from Babblings of a Mommy and I’m SO excited to be a guest blogger here on Boys Be Cool.  Although I don’t have any boys myself—I do love a good bargain! I commend Julia for providing you ladies with the affordable boys fashion every day, I know it can’t be easy to find.

 But, I’m here to talk about YOU today! Like most moms, you’ve probably shifted your priorities to your kids. We put them first before anything else (as we should), but I know that this can lead many moms into a major fashion funk.  Our roots start growing a little longer, are clothes start getting a little frumpier, and before you know it--you can’t remember when the last time you wore something without an elastic band was! I know. It can happen to the best of us. It’s okay.

 That’s what I’m here for!  I’m going to provide you lovely ladies with a few styling tips and ideas for everyday situations. Don’t worry, my tips don’t require an extensive wardrobe or even deep pockets—in fact, I encourage you to use some basic staples to create numerous outfits no matter what the occasion. Forget designer labels! It’s all about “chic-economics” here. You can look just as fabulous shopping at your local Old Navy or Target than some fancy boutique. 

 The Basics:


I know it may not look like much, and it might even seem a bit boring to you, but the key is to have items in your closet that are completely versatile, especially for the spring. During this particular season, it’s good to cover all your bases and have everything from jackets to cardigans--from jeans to shorts. The weather is completely unpredictable and you have to be prepared for any kind of weather.  So let’s take a look and see how I put these simple items together.

Teacher Conference Look:

You want to dress up a little bit, but still keep it casual. Pairing dark denim jeans with a nice cargo blazer or jacket will give you that look without looking like you’re trying too hard to make up for your kids grades. J  You might also want to take tote or messenger bag, because there may be quite a few papers you will be taking home.

White v-neck Tee-$8.50 (Old Navy)

 Flared Jeans-$29.50 (Old Navy)

 Cargo Jacket-$68.00 (Nordstrom)

 Leaf Necklace-$3.95 (Forever21)

 Messenger Bag-$34.99 (Target) 

Taupe Sandals-$89.00 (Nine West)



Errand Look:



Running errands is all about stylish comfort. Pairing the same flare jeans and white shirt with a cute plaid shirt and some ballet flats will provide you the all-day comfort you need while still managing to look chic.


White v-neck Tee-$8.50 (Old Navy)

  Flared Jeans-$29.50 (Old Navy)

  Plaid Shirt-$22.00 (Aeropostale)

  Heart Necklace-$5.80 (Forever21)

  Hobo Bag-$48.00 (Yesstyle)

  Ballet Flats-$12.99 (Target)







Sunday brunches are usually with family and friends, so keep it low key. You can wear white shorts with a nice olive button down shirt--pair it with a few complimentary accessories and Voila! You got yourself a cute laid-back outfit!

Olive Button Shirt-$7.97 (

  White Shorts-$19.50 (Old Navy)

Straw Tote-$45.50 (Eddie Bauer)

Bangle Set-$12.00 (Kohl’s)

T-Strap Sandals-$39.50 (Swell)        


Playground Look:



Don’t worry too much about what you look like at the park. Keep it simple. Have fun and enjoy your kids!

Striped Navy Tee-$16.20 (

White Shorts-$19.50 (Old Navy)

Navy Cardigan-$49.50 (J.Crew)

Bird Necklace-$1.50 (Forever21)

Grey Keds-$40.00 (Zappos)



NEXT PLC_Banner_Kid's wear_468x60


Lunch W/ Girls Look:

lunch_w_girls_lookHaving lunch with some girlfriends? Step it up a notch! (We all know women dress to impress each other anyway.) Pair the striped tee with a tan skirt. Add a lightweight scarf and tights for a bit of pizazz, and to finish it off—throw on a navy cardigan with some cute/trendy peep toe booties. This look will make all your friends think you have such effortless style.  Cool


Striped Navy Tee-$16.20 (Delia’s)

Navy Cardigan-$49.50 (J.Crew)

Cargo Skirt-$28.00 (MaxStudio)

Black Tights-$14.50 (Gap)

Gray Scarf-$7.80 (Forever21)

Black Handbag-$38.40 (Forever21)

Strap Booties-$68.90 (Jessica Simpson                                                   

Date Night Look:



We all like to get glam once in a while, right? So why not spice it up a bit for date night?! Embrace your curves by pairing a floral top and contrasting hip hugging skirt to make the look pop. Pair it with a few neutrals, like nude cardigan and nude peep toe pumps--which will instantly elongate your legs for your sexy little date night.

Floral Top: $29.50 (

Blue Skirt-$32.00 (Miss Selfridge)

Nude Cardigan-$66.00 (Top Shop)

Nude Peep Toe Sling-backs-$116.50 (ASOS)

Brown Clutch-$87.30 (eBags)





Shop at Boden!



Everyday Look:

Your everyday look should be simple, stylish, and easy to put together. Pair a basic gauze top with some comfy Bermuda shorts. Add a denim jacket, a cute necklace, and some stylish spring sandals—and you’ve just created a simple stylish outfit in a matter of seconds!

Gauze Top: $24.50 (Old Navy)

Bermuda Shorts-$24.50 (Old Navy)

Cluster Necklace-$4.80 (Forever21)

Denim Jacket-$49.50 (American Eagle)

T-Strap Sandals-$39.50 (Swell)

Well ladies, that wasn’t so bad right? Remember to use these outfits as more of a style guide. If you already own items like these, great! If not, think about investing in similar items to incorporate into your own wardrobe. If you just liked the color combinations, good! Go ahead and use that as your inspiration. Whatever ever works for you, just use it and get out of your fashion funk already! Wink

If you’d like to get more fashion tips, be sure to visit me over at Babblings of a Mommy, where I provide my readers with more advice and great finds for the whole family!

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