I’ve been promising you the socks-centric post forever and the time has come.

220px-Islamic_sockBelieve it or not socks have been around since the stone ages. They were very different from socks as we know them today. They were often made of animal skins that were tied around the ankles. During the Middle Ages colored cloth tied around the legs and held up with garters were in popular use. Garters were placed over the top of the sock/stocking to prevent them from falling down. 1000 AD, socks became a symbol of wealth among the nobility. The word sock is derived from the Latin word "soccus" which means light covering of the foot (image on the right depicts 12th-century cotton sock, found in Egypt).

Men, always the first in fashion, wore hose that were knee length and often had an embroidered border at the top.  Women's hose were similar but were worn above the knee and fastened with ties. Now hose played an important role in the evolution of costuming, especially for men. Women wore long skirts hiding their legs, so their leg coverings were not on display.  But fashion was shortening men's tunics to jackets and their legs were in the constant limelight prompting production of highly decorated men’s stockings. Made of fine silk, wool, or velvet and brightly colored they showed every muscle and flaw the wearer possessed.  Some writers of the day labeled the style immodest. Socks used to be the fashion movers and shakers once, just like men

  Socks: cool and wacky, classy and goofy, sweet and sharp – there is no such thing as too many socks; especially, when you deal with washers, driers and boys. Therefore, the more socks, the merrier and since this new trend of rolled-up pants and exposed bright and fancy socks is taking  men’s fashion by the storm we need to pay some serious attention to this sock business.

Let’s start with the classy socks in Solid colors that every stylish man or a boy should have in his socks drawer in abundance.  Little trim, whimsical detail or a little pattern take the boring out of this equation.

Heel_Toe_Seven_Pack Navy_socks Old_Navy_Socks

Next Heel Toe Seven Pack $14

Next Navy Tipped Socks Three Pack $9

Old Navy Boys Argyle-Print Sock 3-Packs $7.50

Patterns: Blind Mice (great sense of humor!) didn’t leave any pattern untouched.  Their unique collections of coordinating socks are designed to be worn mismatched yet perfectly coordinated.  These colorful socks stay in place. No seams. No binding. No falling off.  Get two boxes if you'd like matching pairs.

Wick_Socks Houndstooth_Cyan Herringbone_Blind_Mice

Blind Mice Wick Socks in Navy/Cream/Orange $14.50

Blind Mice Houndstooth Cyan/Cream/Navy $14.50

Blind Mice Herringbone Navy/Cream/Purple $9.50

Stripes: stripes and socks have been inseparable regardless of gender. Stripes pretty much belong in the Socks’ Hall of Fame.

Blue_and_Yellow_Stripe Jcrew_striped_socks Striped_socks_5_pack

Next Blue And Yellow Stripe Socks 5 Pack $11.00

J.  Crew Boys' stripe socks 3-pack $15.50

Next Bretton Stripe Socks 5 Pack $11

I can barely create a post without mentioning Fore!! Axel &HudsonWink. Can you blame me? This brand knows how to take care of a little man from head to toe. Their signature bold colors and prints also star in the socks' show. Carefully assorted socks’ trios come in cute and environmental friendly gift boxes and include elegant solids, stripes and patterns, punctuated with F!!A&H signature clubs and diamonds. Non-skid golf tees cover the bottom.

foreaxel_tangerine_socks foreaxel_navy_socks ForeSocksYellowBrownWhite
Fore!! A&H Tangerine Socks - 3 Pack $14.00

Fore!! A&H Navy Socks 3-pack $14.00

Fore!! A&H Seal Brown Socks - 3 Pack $14.50

Novelty Socks: Hobbies and Interests

Boys take their obsessions very seriously and if you don’t want his carefully styled wardrobe turn into Jurassic Park or Star Wars ground, delicately redirect his passion to the feet zone.

Dinosaurs_Gift_Box Star_war_socks Monkey_Socks_Quick_silver

Dinosaur Gift Box with 4 Kids Socks for Boys - 1 Box $17.95

Star Wars Quarter Sock Set (Sock Size Boys 4-6)

Quicksilver Monkey Around Crew Socks 3-Pack  $11.99

Animals are kids’ best friends and naturally look adorable on little boys’ feet.

3D_animal_socks_7_pack 3D_Panda_Socks Quicksilver_shark_socks

Next 3D Animal Socks 7 pack $12

Tic-Tac-Toe 3-D Panda Kids Socks for Boys - 1 Pair $5.45

Quiksilver Chark Bait 3PK Crew Socks $17

Baby Socks Gift Sets: these sets of the cutest socks compete with the impossible cuteness of the babies’ feet and this is a tough call! True Religion Baby socks, mind you!

Trumpette_Week_of_Baby True_Religion_Socks Me_in_Minds_Socks

Trumpette Week of Baby Kids Socks - 7 Pairs $20.94

True Religion Infant Boys Gift Box Set - 1 Box of 6 Pair $21.95

Me in Mind  "Sneaker" Socks Set of 6  $23.99

Bits and Pieces: these socks have too much of a personality to be left behind. Preppy charmers, robots galore, punchy Puma sneakers, mischievous monkey Julius… they all deserve a spot in our socks gallery.

Preppy_socks__3_pack Robot_Argyle_Socks_Crazy_8 Puma_Infant_socks

Next Preppy Socks 3 pack $9

Crazy 8 Robot Argyle Sock 2-Pack $2.99

Puma Boys 4-Pack “Sneaker” $9.99

Trumpette_Boy_Socks Paul_Frank_socks

Trumpette Boy Pastel  Socks - 6 Pair $11.95

Paul Frank Boys “Stripey” 3-Pair Sock Booties $4.99

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