Though we are in the middle of a brrrrrr season, stores are taking spring/summer preorders, companies are gearing up for the grueling task of seasonal shipping and we are turning our inquisitive gaze to Pitti Bimbo, trendsetting pulse of the children’s fashion beating in Florence, Italy. The children’s fashion key trends of Spring/Summer 2012, presented on the catwalks of Pitti Bimbo will be interpreted and replicated by every brand and company related to the kids’ fashion. 

Besides providing you with a major style inspiration this boy’ fashion key trends report will guide you through upcoming Spring/Summer collections on all price levels, help prioritize and build your Must Have list and budget for spring shopping.

Red Hot Trend Alert! – Bermuda Shorts

Undoubtedly #1 trend in the boys’ fashion of SS12, Bermuda shorts have made the most glorious comeback popping up in men’s, women’s and children’s fashion, completely dominating boys’ collections. Bermuda shorts - close fitting, upscale cousin of regular shorts, possesse an uncanny ability to instantly create pulled together look and add polish to summer laid back outfit due to their knee length and tailored look. Catwalks of SS12 Pitti Bimbo were overflowing with Bermuda shorts in a mind boggling variety: solid, striped, patterned, checkered, trimmed, cuffed, flowing, structured, casual and dressy, laying a foundation for the exciting styling possibilities.

PB_Il_Gufo_Striped_Bermudas PB_Guess_Kids__Red_Cardi

Il Gufo - Guess Kids

PB_Tutti_Piccoli PB_Tutti_Piccoli_Wide

Tutti Piccoli

Denim Lite!
Another red hot trend, favored by European designers: chambray, lightweight denim, light-washed denim, tencel and linen treated to look like denim showed up all over the Pitti Bimbo runways.

PB_Rubio_Kids_Denim PB_Calvin_Klein_Chambray

Rubio Kids - Calvin Klein

PT_Silvian_Heach_St_Smart_Bermudas PB_Guess_Kids_Denim_Shirt

Silvian Heach Kids - Guess Kids

Street Smart Navy Shirt/Jacket
These street smart, hip versions of more formal jacket or blazer are all about city chic.

PB_Guess_Kids_Navy_Shirt PT_CK_Navy_Shirt

Guess Kids  - Calvin Klein

PB_Silvian_Heach_Navy_Shirt PB_Guess_Kids_Navy_Shirt__Denim_Bermuda

Silvian Heach Kids - Guess Kids

Shrunken Blazer

Lifted off the stylish moms’ Must Haves, these fitted short blazers are ideal for hip layering and effortless, pulled together look.




Hitch Hiker - Calvin Klein - Hitch Hiker

Ahoy Forever!

Somewhat tired nautical theme gets a boost from European designers who obviously can’t have enough of clean lines, crisp navies & whites, stripes, anchors and sea creatures.

PB_Calvin_Klein_Ahoy PB_GUess_Kids_Sailor_Chic_full

Calvin Klein - Guess Kids

PB_Hitch_Hiker_Ahoy PB_Calvin_Klein_whiteblue

Hitch Hiker - Calvin Klein

Add Red!

Bored by navy & white? Add red! Bold scarlet adds punch and instantly awakens pristine nautical combos, not to mention an irresistible patriotic vibe done in style!

PB_Grant_Garcon_trio_small PB_Grant_Garcon_Pinstripe_blazer

Grant Garcon

PB_Hitch_Hiker_RWB PB_Calvin_Klein_Add_Red

Hitch Hiker - Calvin Klein

Art Prints

Large scale or all over art prints bring new dimension to t-shirts and shorts. Rich hues of purple, orange, berry and coral replace crayon brights and naughty neons.

Silvian_Heach_Artsy_Shorts PB_Silvian_Heach_Plaid_Shorts__Print

Silvian Heach Kids

PB_Silvian_Heach_Art_Print PT_Silvian_Heach_Flower

Silvian Heach Kids

New Neutrals

The wild energy of bright colors gives in to the soothing Zen of subtle grays, tans and whites. Combined with flowing lines and luscious fabrics these neutrals are anything but neutral. Artful layering and right accessories are the keys to styling these timeless pieces. 




Rubio Kids - Il Gufo - Rubio Kids

 **All photographs courtesy Pitti Bimbo 73

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