Dear Tribe, you’ve been so awesome, participating, commenting, sharing pictures of your precious boys, answering calls of members needing help! You have risen to the occasion every single time, giving your thoughtful advice, shopping knowledge, encouragement & compassion! Coming 6/22, 10:30 pm EST, it's time for us to show you how much we appreciate you!

We are at T-Minus 2 days until our 1st ever Summer Madness Facebook Party event!

Kids are tucked away in bed, the beverage of your choice is ready, have a cupcake too if you wishWink. Now it’s your turn to kick back, relax and enjoy the thrill of the Summer Madness thrown by Boys Be Cool and the amazing sponsors - the Coolest, High End Kids Designer Brands and Boutiques!


Mark your calendar for the 60 Minutes Rash of Fun, sweet socializing, rapid fire of Awesome Giveaways, gifts certificates and promo codes that are going to knock your flip-flops off!! Our extremely generous sponsors Fore!! Axel & Hudson, Knuckleheads, Mini Shatsu, Wonderboy, Toica Stefan, Tom & Drew, Cool Kids NYC, Micro Me, Stella Blue, Shop Belle, Julabug Toys, Urban Baby Runway, One Good Thread, The Boy’s Store, Jilly Bo Billy, Little TrendStar, Fulton Sales, and New Day  - New Deals are going to rock this Boys Be Cool house like never before!

Who is Excited?!?!?

RSVP and don't be late! This is going to be an unforgettable night!

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