We admit it - we are obsessed with turquoise! Why wouldn’t we? This vibrant love child of the light blue of the sky and the mysterious green of the sea possesses magical, mood enhancing powers. It makes us cheerful, happy and giddy.

For thousands of years turquoise was held in high esteem by the ancient civilizations. For ancient Egyptians it was a symbol of rebirth; ancient Persians held it responsible for the material well being of the wearer. Native Americans believed it opened a direct connection between the sky and Earth. Some believe that turquoise will grow pale on a sick person and recover its color when it is worn by a healthy person. Some spiritualists believe that turquoise will help the wearer to start new projects (we need some turquoise jewelry, pronto!) and this is in addition to attracting success and prosperity, influencing creativity, and enhancing communication.

Fashion could never have enough of turquoise. Time after time this magnificent color was pronounced the hottest color of the season and SS12 is no exception. The boys’ fashion, long deprived of flamboyant colors, had embraced turquoise, among other colors, with eagerness of dessert soaking up spring showers.   

Scotch_Shrunk_Cool_Tee_ Fore_Emblem-Bachelor-Blue Mini__Maximus

Scotch Shrunk Tee $40

Fore!! Axel & Hudson Polo $36

Mini & Maximus Mima Mouse $60

Turquoise’s happy, easygoing personality shines through its supernatural ability to work with almost any color and look stunning in color blocking, patterns and accents.

As you will see from our massive selection for every taste and budget, the industry didn’t leave any hue from turquoise’s wide natural range untouched: from sky blue to gray-green.

You won’t be able to stop smiling, seeing your little angel flaunting these pieces of Heaven. Zara, staying on top of the hottest trends leads the turquoise race with the biggest selection of styles in many gorgeous hues of this color.

Zara_Shirt TD_Oxford_shirt_1 Zara_Turquise_Striped_Shirt

Zara Fil-A-Fil T-Shirt $19.90

Tom & Drew Boys Aqua Marine Shirt $55

              Zara Shirt Roll-up $25.90

We’ve already dabbed Fore!! Axel & Hudson the King of Turquoise due to its love affair with this vibrant color. Turquoise became brand’s signature making spectacular appearance in every collection.  A newcomer that you sure will hear a lot about, Love Made Love sprinkled retro cars in turquoise over their adorable cardigans, sharp blazers and chic scarves.

Zara_Jumper LML_Turquise_Scarf Zara_V-neck_Jumper

Zara Jumper w/t Elbow Patches $29.90

LoveMadeLove Retro Cars Cardi $88

           Zara V-Neck Jumper $19.90

Zara_Raincoat Fore_Btton-Down-Cardigan-Argyle-Melange A_for_Apple_jacket

Zara Hooded Raincoat $29.90

Fore!! Axel & Hudson Cardi $44

A For Apple Bomber - Scuba Blue $78

Nothing screams summer louder than pants and shorts in all shades of the crystal blue sky and shimmering sea.

Next_Carrot_Fit_Chinos Zara_Turquise_jeans TD_Chinos

Next Carrot Fit Chinos $17-$18

Zara Twill Skinny Trousers $29.90

Tom & Drew Boys Chino Pant $60

Next_5_pocket_Trousers Zara_Turquise_Shorts TD_Chino_Pants

Next 5 pocket Trousers $17-$18

Zara Twill Bermuda Shorts $25.90

Tom & Drew Boys Chino Pant $60

A pair of ultra-cool turquoise kicks will brighten up even the dullest outfit. Well, you don’t always feel like Rachel Zoe, catering to the mini jet set.

Sanuk Venettini_Aqua_Reptile Livie-port-turquoise_250

Sanuk Standard Slip-On $21-$45

Venettini 55-Savor Aqua Reptile $76-$78

Livie & Luca Port  Shoes – Aqua $50

Supergas_Turquise Sperry_Top_Sider_Turq Tiny_Toms_1

Superga 'Junior Classic' $55

Sperry Top-Sider Patent  $50

TOMS 'Bimini - Tiny' Slip-On $29

Bensimon_Turquise_tennis_shoes Next_Boots Zata_Leather_Moccasins

Bensimon Kids Shoes By Bakker $59.00

Next Desert Boots $28-$31

Zara Leather Moccasin $49.90

Bring on the heat with these breezy accessories!

Appaman_Turq_Hat Turquise_Suspenders TD_bowtie_green-thin-stripes_01_1

Appaman  Bucket Hat $33.00

Petite Peanut Suspenders $16.95

Tom & Drew Boys Bowtie $32

Patagonia_Hat Turquise_belt_1 Kidults_Scarf

Patagonia Kids' Beanie Hat $28

Volcom Kids Serif Belt $17.99

Cotton Scarf "Moustache" by KIDULTS & CO $73

Indulge your passion for turquoise and enjoy a piece of heaven on Earth!

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