The ultimate symbol of over the top luxury, unapologetic glamour and iconic bold patterns, Versace empire had made a second attempt to conquer the Junior Land with the Young Versace kids collection launched for SS12, not to be confused with now defunct Versace Kids label that didn’t take off for some reason.

Belissima Kids reported Young Versace posh boutique opening in Milan right next to Versace Home boutique on Via Borgospesso, and we got super excited. Glossy lilac walls, giant candy canes and comfy chairs turned into a merry go round, so the sales assistants can earn their fat commissions while chasing giggling patrons with a pair of shoes. And naturally, Greek border and Medusa head (you didn’t think Donatella the Glamorous would deprive little jetsetters of these visual pillars of Versace empire?) prepare us for the major eye candy, which comes in staggering abundance.



*Images courtesy of Belissima Kids

The force of nature, her Glamness Donatella Versace never stopped dreaming of a magical universe, an ultimate children’s fantasy built on playful interpretation of brand’s heritage.  Young Versace is undoubtedly Donatella’s dream incarnated. Let’s start with the babies.  Expect luxuriant layette and bedding, cashmere blankets and snug, fluffy towels and bathrobes, adorned with Greek key and strewn with Versace logo.

Versace_Yellow_patterns Versace_Advertizing_Campaign

Minimalism and austerity are banned in the world of wild and loud budding rock stars. Jewel toned reefer jackets covered with intricate baroque motif and gag! Leopard print for boys! And the earth is still spinning! All right, all right… Take the leopard print bow tie when you come around. The mini dinner suit, outfitted with satin facing and cummerbund with studded macro Greek fret will earn you the eternal hatred of the bride, because no one will be looking at her. So consider yourself warned.

Versace_leopard_pattern_close Versace_Tux
Versace_Denim_Jacket Verscace_Blue_Shorts

The glam rock star vibe is amplified with skinny jeans in faded or coated denim with unisex ultra-shiny sweatshirts with Swarovski crystals. Combine with patent leather or canvas and leather boots for the ultimate Versace experience.

Versace_Tank Versace_Tank_back

What is your favorite piece?

Young Versace collection is available in sizes 0-12.

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